The Green NOW Deal to Save Our Planet

The Green NOW Deal to Save Our Planet Costs Zero Dollars ($0.00)

We have only one decade to save our only home, and we can do it if everyone acts TODAY.

We all know that humans created the climate crisis a few decades ago, and the primary activities that caused the crisis are the use of fossil fuels, factory farming and deforestation.

The climate crisis is primarily a problem of methane, nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide.

While most of the greenhouse gas emissions are in the form of carbon dioxide, methane has a much higher heat trapping ability than carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide is about 300 times more potent than carbon dioxide. 

We all know that countries need to promote policies and invest in new technologies to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy sources, but legislation, innovation and diversification take time.

It remains imperative that we all ACT TODAY.

So, what can we ALL DO TODAY, why should we do it, and what are the perks?

We can all make five simple, NONNEGOTIABLE changes in our lives to save our only home and life on earth.

1.  Stop consuming, using and abusing the flesh, byproducts and secretions of anybody who has parents or children. 

(This includes food, clothing, toiletries, beauty products, cleaning products, drugs, furniture, vehicles, etc.)

2.  Stop purchasing anything and everything that is/are tested on nonhuman beings.

(This includes nutritional supplements, beauty products, drugs, etc.)


3.  Convert all paper mail and documents to electronic mail and documents.

4.  Stop using plastic.

5.  Minimize flying.

Why should we make these changes?

First and foremost, “The elimination of animal agriculture cannot solve the world’s problems, but the world’s problems cannot be solved without the elimination of animal agriculture.”  Earthling Ed

Moreover, we must preserve the natural resources of the planet, and minimize our carbon footprint.

Factory farming produces more greenhouse gas emissions than the entire transportation industry of the world.

Almost half of livestock emissions are in the form of methane;

about one quarter are from nitrous oxide; and

about one quarter are from carbon dioxide.

Factory farming produces the primary types of greenhouse gas emissions that are causing the climate crisis.

Deforestation is a related activity to factory farming because we clear land to raise nonhuman beings for food, clothing and consumer products.

Not only does factory farming pollute our air, water and land; it wastes a tremendous amount of water and land.

With respect to pollution, imagine hundreds of millions of nonhuman beings, usually cows, pigs and chickens, packed into massive windowless buildings where they are confined in boxes, crates, cages and stalls.

These factory farms produce huge amounts of their sewage and other pollutants.  The quantity of urine and feces from the smallest factory farm is equivalent to the urine and feces produced by 16,000 humans.  The waste contains disease causing pathogens, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and heavy metals.  Over 168 gases are emitted from the waste, including hazardous chemicals such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and methane.  Airborne particulate matter carries disease causing bacteria, fungus or other toxic pathogens.

To handle the waste from approximately 70 billion nonhuman beings who are slaughtered for food every year, farmers use a standard practice of flushing feces and urine into open air pits called lagoons, then to prevent the lagoons from overflowing, farmers spray the liquid waste into the air.  The waste pollutes the air, and seeps into the soil and water tables, and causes illnesses or deaths of nearby residents.

These innocent, nonhuman beings frequently die in factory farms, and their broken, lifeless bodies contribute to the waste.

Regarding waste of natural resources, factory farming uses about 75 percent (three quarters) of all agricultural land which is 30 percent of the land surface of the planet!  Accordingly, factory farming of nonhuman beings is the biggest cause of deforestation.

With regard to water,

to produce one pound of beef, we use ~ 1,800 gallons of water;

to produce one pound of pork, we use ~ 580 gallons of water;

to produce one pound of chicken, we use ~ 470 gallons of water;

to produce one pound of soybeans, we use ~ 220 gallons of water;

to produce one pound of corn, we use ~ 110 gallons of water;

and to produce one egg, we use ~ 55 gallons of water.

A one quarter pound hamburger requires over 660 gallons of water to produce which is enough water to shower for two months.

Domestic water usage in the United States measures 5% compared to factory farming usage of 55%.

With respect to paper and plastic, obviously, the production of paper kills trees.  It’s 2020 and we have the technology and should have the knowledge to utilize the internet.  Plastic kills nonhuman beings who live in the sea because plastic debris strangles them causing them to starve to death or die of strangulation, and swallowing it causes unnecessary illness, suffering or death.  In addition, plastic debris clogs landfills, blocks drains and pollutes our water and land. 

What are the benefits of eliminating factory farming and stopping deforestation?

1.  Save our planet.

2.  Protect the environment and all life.

3.  Solve the sickness/sick care/financial crises, and global pandemics. 

4.  Eradicate world hunger.

5.  End unnecessary violence and suffering.

Approximately one billion people or 1/6 of the earth’s population do not have enough to eat, but 40 percent of the world’s grain is fed to livestock.

Grain that could feed the hungry human beings is used to quickly fatten up nonhuman beings in factory farms to grow big and fat and profitable.  The amount of grain that would feed 50 people produces one eight ounce steak.  

As long as “Big Ag” pays more than developing countries for grain to feed nonhuman beings to slaughter for food because human beings in affluent countries have insatiable appetites for butter, cheese, ice cream, chicken, ham, bacon, sausage, steak, salmon, etc., human starvation will continue.

Furthermore, with respect to sustainability, if the population continues to increase the way it has increased during the last few decades, we will not be able to produce enough nonhuman flesh, byproducts and secretions to sustain a diet of meat, poultry, fish, dairy and eggs in ten years.

If we all eat a plant based diet starting TODAY, we refuse to support a system that perpetuates human starvation with our dollars, and fosters peace in the world and in our hearts and souls.

In addition, we Know that factory farming is unnecessary, unhealthy and unnatural.

It’s unnecessary because plenty of viable alternatives for food, clothing and consumer products exist.

It’s unhealthy because the Truth is unraveling that the consumption of nonhuman flesh, by-products and secretions causes degenerative diseases and chronic illnesses.  (Furthermore, for every one dollar a person spends on nonhuman flesh, the rest of us pay almost two dollars in hidden health and environmental costs.)

It’s unnatural for two reasons.

First, the meat, poultry, fish, dairy and egg industries not only programmed us to believe that we need these foods to sustain optimal health, but caused addictions to these deadly substances just like the tobacco industry did between 1941 and 1971.

Second, it’s unnatural to breed into existence billions of innocent, sentient, nonhuman beings every single year only to enslave, torture and slaughter them for sensory pleasure.  If God condones this, what could the Devil possibly do?

We grow enough food to feed ten billion people.  Factory farming is an extremely inefficient industry.  If we stop using land, water and edible crops to feed nonhuman beings who are bred and killed for food, and we ate the crops, everyone in the world would have enough to eat.

We have less than one decade to save our only home and life on earth.  We can easily accomplish this if everyone eats a plant based diet and practices veganism, ie, nonviolence and reverence for all life.

Are you in?  Do you plan to live on earth in the future?