Gift of Life = Right to Life

In Memory of the Eloquent and Prolific May 21, 2020 Legal Ruling to Free Kaavan to a Sanctuary (Kaavan is the elephant to whom Cher sang and helped set free.)

“While it may be arguable that a chimpanzee is not a ‘person,’ there is no doubt that it is not merely a thing”…(quoting Judge Fahey from ongoing New York State Court cases for Nonhuman Rights Projects clients/chimpanzees Tommy, Kiko, Hercules and Leo)

“The emphasis and importance of ‘life’ and the protection of living beings cannot be overstated in every religion and faith. Be it Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism or any other religion, there is no dispute that ‘life’ is the most precious and superior creation of the Creator. There is consensus amongst all religions of the world that animals are ‘sentient beings,’ ie, able to perceive and feel.”…

“An object or thing without ‘life’ has no right. A living being on the other hand has rights because of the gift of ‘life’.”…

“It is also a natural right of every animal to be respected because it is a living being, possessing the precious gift of ‘life’.”…

“It is a natural right of an animal not to be tortured or unnecessarily killed because the gift of life it possesses is precious and its disrespect undermines the respect of the Creator.”




W.P. No.1155/2019

Islamabad Wildlife Management Board

through its Chairman


Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad

through its Mayor & 4 others