Recent Nonhuman Rights Legal Celebrations

MAY 11, 2023
The High Court banned the sale of meat from pig gestation crates:  small, incredibly cruel crates where pigs who are among the most intelligent creatures cannot turn around or even scratch themselves or take care of their babies.  Pig factory farms everywhere must now dismantle crates in order to sell in California.  
This High Court ruling opened the doors for MA, FL, AZ, ME, MI, OR and RI that also have gestation crate bans.

This is a MASSIVE VICTORY for pigs and the Nonhuman Rights movement.  The US Supreme Court upheld a proposition passed overwhelmingly by California voters that bans the sale of meat from pig gestation crates.  This is a HUGE victory as California is the world’s fifth largest economy.  Pig factory farms everywhere must now dismantle crates in order to sell in California despite the fact that pork producers challenged Proposition 12 in court for five years.

The High Court upheld an animal welfare law approved by California’s voters, ruling that the state’s restrictions on the sale of pork that is produced by the cruel
confinement of breeding pigs do not violate the Constitution.  This ruling is an amazing Victory for Nonhuman Rights advocates as well as the rights of the states to set their own laws.  The National Pork Producers Council said the law would require farmers in Iowa (that sells most of its products to California) and North Carolina (that has a tremendous presence of pigs farms) to change how they raise and confine these intelligent, sentient nonhuman beings.

MAY 21, 2020
The Islamabad High Court of Pakistan affirmed the rights of nonhuman beings and ORDERED THE RELEASE of Kaavan (an Asian elephant held in solitary confinement at the Marghazar Zoo) to a sanctuary.
Chief Justice Athar Minallah stated that the global pandemic served as “an opportunity for humans to introspect and relate to the pain and distress suffered by other living beings” caused by the “arrogance” of human beings. Chief Justice Minallah stated that “zoos do not serve any purpose except to display their living inmates as exhibits to visitors.”
Chief Justice Minallah cited New York State Justice Alison Tuitt’s February 2020 decision in Happy the elephant’s case (on appeal by the Nonhuman Rights Project, counsel for Plaintiff Happy the elephant): “[Happy] is more than just a legal thing, or property. She is an intelligent, autonomous being who should be treated with respect and dignity, and who may be entitled to liberty.”
The Islamabad High Court is the second court outside the United States to cite Justice Tuitt’s February 2020 ruling, and the latest court to cite the New York Court of Appeals Judge Eugene Fahey’s rejection of chimpanzees’ legal “thinghood” in Nonhuman Rights Project’s chimpanzee rights cases of clients, Tommy, Kiko, Leo and Hercules.

Happy awaits her forever home.  Here is her story:

MARCH 21, 2018
Chimpanzees Hercules and Leo ACHIEVED FREEDOM with the support and legal prowess of their attorney, Nonhuman Rights Project Founder and President, Professor Steven M. Wise.
Hercules and Leo are celebrating their fifth year at Project Chimps sanctuary in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia thanks to Professor and Nonhuman Rights Project Founder and President Steven M. Wise.  “I’m very happy to see them leaving a research facility,” exclaimed NhRP President Steven M. Wise in 2018. “I wish every primate could.”
Hercules and Leo have adjusted well in their forever home. Hercules protects young Kivuli during group conflicts and loves giant stuffed animals. Leo enjoys playing with the younger males in his group and loves peanut butter.
I remain elated that Dr. Jane Goodall is still alive to celebrate this incredible Victory!