Collective Consciousness Meditation Exercise

THANK YOU, EVERYONE, for all you do for all sentient, nonhuman beings every single day.


I became vegan about 13 years ago when the Lord put a Soul Mission (nonhuman rights) in my heart.  Since I did not understand the Lord’s words or my calling, I spent the entire year of 2010 researching and learning about the health, environmental and ethical issues regarding the standard American diet, and, by the end of the year, started eating a plant diet after my shock, ie, factory farming, that left a hole in my heart.  (Looking back, I now Know of a couple of signs about my Mission that I overlooked during my childhood.)

I served at DoD under the Reagan administration, then completed a Bachelor’s degree in Government from the University of Virginia and one year of law studies (at an undergraduate level) including legal research and writing at the UVA School of Law Library.  I served at the VA AG’s office, in private law firms and in a large oceanfront development company.  (My forte’ was research and writing as well as trial preparation.)

At a youthful 61, I still may attend law school for the purpose of advocating legal personhood for all nonhuman beings.

A few years ago, I set up New Hope Now 501c3, and created a website and youtube videos for the purpose of Education and Awareness of Nonhuman Rights, health and the environment.  I also drafted Nonhuman Rights bills and met with Congressional counsel to Advocate the bills and request sponsorship for Legislation.

Finally, after years of writing to billionaire philanthropists, applying for foundation monies and researching grants, but not receiving funds for my Rescue Sanctuary, at the end of 2021, I became an Insurance Broker to protect families and their homes by specializing in mortgage protection and, of course, to fund my 501c3.

To this very day, I cannot bear to view the horrific pictures of the Hell we call factory farming.  I have so much Empathy for all sentient, nonhuman beings; and I just want to fix this Nightmare immediately.  I do not want any sentient, nonhuman being to suffer another minute.  When someone asks me “how I can eat a plant diet,” I explain the indelible pictures in my mind and the hole in my heart.  It’s quite easy despite the fact that my previous diet of three decades was a traditional bodybuilding diet,ie, almost entirely nonhuman flesh, by-products and secretions.

The following Meditation Exercise for the Collective Consciousness is based on the principles of the Law of Attraction because if we send POSITIVE energy into the Universe, we can MANIFEST Nonhuman Rights and Liberation.  [When I first became a vegan, nonhuman rights advocate and activist, I shared graphic, horrific photos with everyone I know, and cried and argued constantly until I watched Earthling Ed facilitate logical, Socratic conversations with people (reminiscent of my law courses in college) to make THEM THINK (and experience cognitive dissonance.)


Meditation Exercise for the Collective Consciousness:

Every morning, as soon as you open your eyes, before you get out of bed to use the bathroom, while you are still in your subconscious mind; AND

every night, directly before you fall asleep, as you are entering your subconscious mind,

with your eyes closed…

See a teeny, tiny, extremely bright white or yellow or green or violet light inside your heart…pause;

See the light gradually encompass your whole body…pause;

See the light expand and fill your entire room…pause;

See the light expand and fill the whole house or building…pause;

See the light expand and fill the entire community…pause;

See the light expand and fill the whole state…pause;

See the light expand and fill the entire country…pause;

See the light expand and fill the whole continent…pause;

See the light expand and fill the entire world…pause;

Now, FEEL (the Love, Joy and Peace) and VISUALIZE ALL sentient, nonhuman beings in the entire world as free, healthy, happy, and communicating with human beings!!!


Yes, we CAN manifest Nonhuman Rights and Liberation for all Sentient, Nonhuman Beings in the World.