The Magic Anti-Aging Bullet

Telomeres, at the end of our chromosomes, protect chromosomes from deterioration and prevent our bodies from diseases.  Although telomeres naturally shorten as we age, there exits scientific evidence of ways to slow down the process because shorter telomeres are associated with degenerative diseases and chronic illnesses.

Telomeres (a sequence of DNA) form caps at both ends of each chromosome to protect the chromosome from fraying when it’s replicated.  When a cell divides, it replicates everything inside of it.  Without the protection of the telomeres, chromosomes get damaged and speed up the aging process that leads to cell death.

The good news is that chronological age must not parallel cell age.  In other words, we have control over this telomere shortening process with seven simple lifestyle choices, and we can stay young and healthy.

  1. Maintain a healthy BMI between 18 and 25 because obesity is an indicator of shorter telomeres.
  2. Exercise regularly (both aerobic and resistance) because exercise reduces oxidative stress and preserves DNA.
  3. Manage stress (exercise, meditate, paint, garden, etc.) because those who have stressful lives have shorter telomeres.
  4. Eat a plant based, ie, vegan (anti-aging) diet that excludes meat, fish, dairy and eggs because the antioxidants in a plant  based diet repel free radical molecules that cause cell damage and inflammation.
  5. Lower sodium and sugar intake, and remember Arnold’s nickname for white flour, white sugar and white rice from the  1980s bodybuilding years-white death!
  6. Take a B12 supplement.  Yes, every living being who does not drink water from a stream or river, or does not eat  vegetables from the ground that have remnants of dirt on them needs vitamin B12 because B12 is produced by bacteria in nature.
  7. Take chlorella to remove and detoxify heavy metals, boost antioxidants and supply your body with Omega 3s.